Understanding the big issues that shape our world has never been more important...

Issues like climate change, gender equality and how to live sustainably affect us all — and connect us all — wherever we are in the world.

Teaching pupils about these issues is what we call global learning. 

Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning is a completely free and flexible programme open to all schools in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It will help you equip your pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to act more thoughtfully, ethically and responsibly as citizens and contributors to society.

It’s completely adaptable to your needs no matter what your role, the subjects you teach, your curriculum or your whole-school priorities.

It’s easy to get started with our programme of global learning, with a range of different entry points and activities to choose from.

Scroll down for a quick and easy overview of your options.

Download a global learning resource

Downloading one of our free, ready-to-go resources is an easy way to add a global dimension to your work and encourage collaborative working.

Designed by leading education professionals, the resources blend with existing curricula to help you deliver lessons and classroom projects that touch on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development — the 17 goals agreed by member states of the United Nations to achieve a better world by 2030.

Take a training course

We offer teachers and leaders free, high-quality professional development opportunities to help you deliver global learning.

We work with specialist providers in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England to design and deliver training. So, wherever you are based, you can access courses that are closely aligned to curriculum requirements in your area of the UK, as well as your own career ambitions. 

Course delivery is flexible. You can choose to participate online, at a location near you, or have one of our trainers visit your school to deliver training in-house.

Find an international partner school

There’s no more authentic way for pupils to learn about global issues than by working with a school in another country. 

Setting up a partnership is easy and we can help you find a good match.

You can create a link with a school in one of more than 30 countries across Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

We know that starting and then maintaining momentum is integral to getting the most out of your experience. So, we have practical guides to help you begin collaborating online, as well as support available to help you sustain strong and effective partnerships.

Collaborate with other UK schools

Rather than develop a one-to-one partnership with a school overseas, you could choose to work with other schools as a Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning cluster group.

A cluster is a group of schools in the UK and overseas that work together to support one another with global learning. They can include a mix of primary and secondary schools, with no limit to the number of schools taking part.

You could set up your own cluster group or contact us and speak to one of our local advisors to find out whether there are any existing clusters in your local area that you could join.

Being part of a cluster is a particularly good option for schools who are new to global learning. It means you'll be fully supported by other schools, some of whom may have a broad range of international expertise that can share their experiences and advice with you. 

Apply for funding

Once you've had time to get a partnership up and running, you have the option to apply for funding to take things a step further. 

We have a number of grants available to enable teachers and school leaders with active partnerships to visit their partner school face-to-face, plus fund their international partners to come and visit them in the UK. 

Reciprocal visits are an opportunity to strengthen your partnership, share practice, deepen your global learning experience and plan work for the future. 

Application windows for our grants are open at several times throughout the school year. Grants can be used to cover travel, supply costs and more. We offer plenty of support to help you with your application as well as advice on how to design reciprocal visits.

"Having an international partner to work with on a project makes it real. We’ve got real people who we need to solve problems with, together. Our pupils are coming on in leaps and bounds working in this way."

(UK teacher on the Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning programme)

Speak to an advisor

We’re committed to helping you get the most from the programme in a way that meets your individual needs and makes a real and relevant impact on pupil learning. 

Wherever you're based in the UK, and whatever stage you’re at with global learning, we recommend you contact one of our local advisors to find out more about the options available to you. 

Our advisors are available via email, on the phone, or can even come and visit your school. 

If you’re just starting out with global learning, they'll help you carry out a self-assessment to decide which parts of the programme will benefit you and your curriculum requirements the most.

For example, our advisors can suggest how the programme could support you to embed Learning for Sustainability, social and cultural development, or a wider understanding of ethical and environmental issues.

If you’re already at the stage where you’re ready to apply for funding, our advisors are on hand to support you with your application.

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