Personal advice on options for your school

We offer a UK-wide national network of local advisors who have first-hand experience of embedding Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning in a range of contexts and making it easy to introduce global learning to classrooms.

Our advisors will help you carry out a global learning self-assessment to decide what parts of the programme will benefit you the most, with activities tailored to suit your timetable and blended with your curriculum subjects.

Funding application and planning guidance

Advisors will support you to apply for up to £35,000 funding. If you receive a grant, they can help you to plan training for your school or cluster, support you to plan international visits, and signpost the best resources around.

Whether you prefer a phone call or a visit, advisors will work around your availability and stay with you every step of your journey. Support is free for all state schools (within certain time limits) in England, Scotland and Wales. In Northern Ireland, we offer the same support in the form of a workshop for groups of schools.

If you would like to access local advisor advice and support, please contact: