Think like an engineer - design solutions for problems with clean water and efficient, safe energy in global contexts.




Clean water and safe energy in the context of Design and Technology.

Who is this for?

Secondary and trainee (KS3) teachers of Design and Technology.

How will I benefit?

You will find out how to develop the transferable skill set required by young people to live and work in a global society. Working with unfamiliar contexts is central to the Design and Technology. This course will signpost approaches to supporting older students in identifying contexts and engaging with end users and real-world problems beyond their own experience. This will encourage independent, critical enquiry, as well as risk taking and problem solving.

Time commitment

A 5-hour workshop, a design challenge and a 1-hour webinar.


Provider: Design and Technology Association.

How to book

To find out where and when courses are being held, and to book, please contact the Design and Technology Association.



Alternatively you can host this course for a group of teachers at your own school on a date to suit you, by requesting a trainer through the British Council directly.