This course brings 20 years of international award winning, cross-curricular links and curriculum development between teachers and schools in Wales and the global South into your classroom.




Food and nutrition; Water, sanitation and waste; Biodiversity; Agriculture; Fisheries and marine resources; Energy; Transport; Land use; Conflict and migration; in the context of sustainability.

Who is this for?

Key Stage 2 and 3 teachers.

How will I benefit?

This course will enable you to apply your global learning to:

  • Become active and motivated as a peer global learning educator and motivational mentor to triad teacher peers
  • Engage in action research, critical thinking and curriculum enrichment
  • Critically apply new ideas and approaches towards achieving a just and sustainable world
  • Critique and assess students’ responses and responsibilities to global issues
  • Broaden your horizons beyond traditional learning environments
  • Develop greater awareness of contrasts and comparisons between Welsh and international dimensions.  


Provider: Sazani

This course is available via workshop and online.

How to book

To find out where and when courses are being held, and to book, please contact Sazani directly.

Alternatively you can host this course for a group of teachers at your own school on a date to suit you, by requesting a trainer through the British Council directly.