Teachers and students are faced with difficult local and global events: violence, racism, prejudice - whatever turns up in the morning’s news. This workshop offers specific approaches and techniques to ensure that the classroom is a safe space where different opinions can be expressed around issues that matter. 




Teaching controversial issues in a global learning context

Who is this for?

Post-primary teachers.

How will I benefit?

You will have the opportunity to discuss previous experiences, learn how to incorporate positive deliberations over controversial issues, and be offered tools to turn controversy and conflict into a positive opportunity for whole class learning.

Time commitment

A two hour workshop.


Provider: Centre for Global Education.

How to book

To find out where and when courses are being held, and to book, please contact the Centre for Global Education.

Alternatively you can host this course for a group of teachers at your own school on a date to suit you, by requesting a trainer through the British Council directly.