This course examines the need for, and benefits of, enabling student leadership in our schools and communities.  Through the course, teachers will develop their own understanding of why student leadership is important- locally and globally. They will also develop understanding of the role they can play in empowering and supporting their students. 




  • What is student leadership and why is it important
  • The diffusion of innovation and its relevance to encouraging student leadership and colleague support
  • Teaching about, teaching for and creating environments for, student leadership
  • Developing student leadership opportunities, including school councils.

Who is this for?

Teachers in primary and secondary schools in England and Wales. 

How will I benefit?

This course will build teacher understanding and confidence to allow student leadership to grow in the classroom and school. You will leave the course with a range of techniques and approaches that you can use and apply in your classroom, thus benefiting your practice as a teacher and facilitator of learning.


Provider: Pearson in England and WCIA in Wales. 

How to book

To find out where and when courses are being held, and to book, please contact Pearson in England or WCIA in Wales.  

Alternatively you can host a course for a group of teachers at your own school on a date to suit you, by requesting a trainer through the British Council directly.