This course is a must for any school with a new to one-year old international partnership or for teachers new to international collaboration. This course gives an excellent opportunity to think about the purposes of partnership, how to make sure it is equitable and sustainable, and how to implement plans to improve the partnership and pupil outcomes.  

Aimed at individuals who are actively involved in an international school partnership, this course supports participants to use different global citizenship tools to measure the nature of their partnership and explore the impact of power, equity, strengths and challenges. Once these ideas are embedded, the training supports participants to develop a shared vision for the future and to create an action plan to develop their partnership further.  




Equitable and sustainable school partnerships.

Who is it for?

Anybody who wants to develop their international partnerships.

How will I benefit?

This course will help you to get the most from your international partnership. You will develop a better understanding of power and how to ensure equity, as well as developing practical skills such as how to fundraise with partners. 


Provider: Welsh Centre for International Affairs.

This course is available via workshop and online.

How to book

Please contact the Welsh Centre for International Affairs.

Alternatively you can host this course for a group of teachers at your own school on a date to suit you, by requesting a trainer through the British Council directly.