Our online in-depth core skills courses for teachers will introduce you to new interactive approaches and techniques while helping you to develop practical activity plans for use in your classroom.

Cost: Free
Delivery: Online

You will gain:

  • skills to create practical activity plans to embed core skills in the curriculum
  • confidence in preparing your students for life and work in a global economy
  • an international support network of educators to share best practice
  • techniques for using digital tools and resources

Available courses:

Teaching critical thinking and problem solving

Help your students consider different perspectives, evaluate evidence, and solve non-routine problems. Learn how these skills can be taught and assessed and see practical examples for developing them in the classroom.


Teaching creativity and imagination

Learn about the importance of creativity as an underpinning approach to teaching and learning. Discover innovative ways to help your students develop their creativity and imagination in the classroom and learn how they can apply this skill to real-life challenges.


Teaching digital literacy

Get to grips with the core concepts and practices of digital literacy and how to incorporate these into the curriculum. Help your students understand how digital tools can be used meaningfully for effective learning, communicating and collaborating, and for locating, evaluating and analysing information.


Teaching student leadership and personal development

Understand the foundations of leadership in different learning contexts and importance of young people building their own leadership skills in relation to real-world challenges. Consider how to support the development of key personal qualities, such as perseverance, resilience and self-confidence, and foster a commitment to lifelong learning.


Teaching citizenship

Learn what citizenship means at a local, national and international level, and how to develop citizenship skills and values in your students. Discover practical ways to teach citizenship in the classroom and develop leadership techniques to help embed citizenship within the curriculum.


Teaching communication and collaboration

Learn the theories and practices of effective collaboration and how to develop intercultural collaborative and communicative skills in your students. Develop activities and initiatives to enable your students to improve their skills in this area beyond their classroom with people of other cultures and countries.


Supporting package: Teacher as Researcher

Teacher as Researcher can be taken as an additional level after completion of the in-depth core skills courses. You will explore your role in the context of Connecting Classrooms professional partnerships and how appreciative inquiry is a valuable tool to compare educational practices.