This course brings 20 years of international award winning, cross-curricular links and curriculum development between teachers and schools in Wales and the global South into your classroom.


Level 2 intermediate and Level 3 in-depth.


Level 2

Enrich teaching and learning through the themes of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Level 3

Food and nutrition; Water, sanitation and waste; Biodiversity; Agriculture; Fisheries and marine resources; Energy; Transport; Land use; Conflict and migration; in the context of sustainability.

Who is this for?

Key Stage 2 and 3 teachers.

How will I benefit?

Level 2

This course will give you greater understanding, knowledge and skills as a global learning practitioner through:

  • Increased understanding of the cultural, political, environmental and socio-economic contexts of your own and your partner school’s locality
  • Questioning and critically assessing different perspectives 
  • An appreciation of the interrelations and interdependencies between the global North and South
  • Increased confidence in the delivery of sensitive global issues
  • Increased competencies in engaging students in critical awareness of themselves and the wider world
  • Enhanced digital literacy through online critical enquiry. 

Level 3

This course will enable you to apply your global learning to:

  • Become active and motivated as a peer global learning educator and motivational mentor to triad teacher peers
  • Engage in action research, critical thinking and curriculum enrichment
  • Critically apply new ideas and approaches towards achieving a just and sustainable world
  • Critique and assess students’ responses and responsibilities to global issues
  • Broaden your horizons beyond traditional learning environments
  • Develop greater awareness of contrasts and comparisons between Welsh and international dimensions.  

Time commitment

Level 2

One six hour workshop.

Level 3

A choice of six blocks of two hours or two six hour days.


Provider: Sazani

Twilight inset and online sessions

How to book

To find out where and when courses are being held, and to book, please contact Sazani directly. Alternatively you can host a course at your own school on a date to suit you by booking through the British Council directly.