Get an overview of the various stages of the application process as well as an idea of how long each stage of the process takes.

And don't forget, before you go any further, you will need a partner school to apply.

Prepare your application

There's a field on the application form that will ask you to identify any training or support you might need to help you with global learning. Therefore, prior to making an application all schools will need to complete our self-assessment activity. You can get help with the self-assessment from one of our local advisors.

When you make your application, you'll also need to demonstrate specific plans and goals for your partnership. Before you apply, we suggest you read our guidance on how to put together a strong application.

Submit your application

Take a look at the upcoming application deadlines.

If you have planned sufficiently before applying online, the process should take between one to two hours to complete.

The selection process (+6 weeks)

You can expect to hear back from us on the outcome of your application within six weeks of the application deadline.

Applications are first quality assessed by a panel of external assessors and then reviewed by the British Council before a decision is reached.

The contract (+2-3 months)

If successful, your partnership or cluster coordinator will be sent two copies of a contract to sign and return. The contract length is 12 months for one to one partnerships and 21 months for cluster groups.

We also require your UK school bank details. For schools working in a cluster, this should be the lead school's bank details.

If everything is satisfactory, we pay 80 per cent of the total grant funds within a month of receiving the signed contracts.

CLUSTERS ONLY: The interim report (+6-9 months)

Approximately halfway into the contractual period, we will require an interim report from the cluster coordinator.

This is to give us an idea of how your joint activities are panning out, the impact on everyone involved, and whether any changes to the plan need to be made.

Final payment and report (+12 or 21 months)

We expect a final partnership report once all your planned activities are complete. This should cover all expenditure and the total impact of your project activities.

If satisfactory, we then pay the remaining grant funding.


The International School Award is the British Council's premier recognition of international work in schools across the globe.

All schools who are successful for grant funding will be automatically considered for the award at Foundation, Intermediate or Accreditation level. The exact level will be finalised after submission of the final report.

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