A teacher standing at the back of the classroom taking part in an activity surrounded by lots of students sat down
A teacher working with a partner school in Nigeria

UK schools working in a one to one partnership with a school in a participating country can apply for a grant to support a reciprocal visit. This is a great opportunity to get to know one another more, share practice in real life and plan work for the future.

See below for details of what's involved and the amounts you can apply for.

Travel grants


Both schools within the partnership can apply for up to £1,500 to support a visit to their partner. That’s up to £3,000 per reciprocal visit — to help one teacher from the UK visit the partner school overseas, and one teacher from overseas visit the partner school in the UK.

The grant should be used for flights, transfers to and from the airport in both countries, accommodation, subsistence, visa costs, essential vaccinations and travel insurance.

We equally welcome applications where a visit to the UK or a visit from the UK will take place first.

Visits can happen at any time during the partnership providing it’s term time where the visit is taking place. It’s worth remembering though that visits which take place sooner rather than later allow more time for collaborative working and to overcome any unexpected issues with visas etc.

Prior to making an application, all schools will need to complete our self-assessment activity. Any training that is identified must be completed before participating in a visit.

During the visit, schools are expected to spend at least 3-4 days at their overseas partner school comparing global learning practice and implementing transferable skills in the classroom and school. They'll also need to spend at least one day planning, or starting to implement, the collaborative project that they have chosen to work on together.

Top-up travel grants


Discretionary top-up travel grants may be available where a teacher needs extra support for their visit. For example, to cover additional costs relating to security, location or disability. This can only be requested after the initial grant application is successful. Evidence must be provided that the additional costs will take the school's expenditure above the initial grant.