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Do I need a partner?

To apply for funding, you must have a partner school outside the UK from our list of participating countries.

You should be working together either in a one-on-one partnership or as part of a cluster group. Depending on the type of partnership, you will be eligible for different amounts of funding.

If you're not sure which category you fall into, find out more about the different types of school partnerships.

If you already have a partner school independently of the programme, contact us at schools@britishcouncil.org in advance of submitting a funding application to check if the partnership is eligible for funding.

Schools who wish to apply with a country in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region should contact Schools@britishcouncil.org in advance of submitting a funding application. UK schools will be matched only with the British Council list of MENA schools. Once communication is established, they will be eligible to apply for a grant to fund joint working and participate in a facilitated visit, subject to the relaxation of global travel restrictions. 

Can all types of schools apply?

Only state funded schools are eligible to receive grant funding.

We accept applications from schools providing full-time general, vocational, technical and special needs education. We also welcome applications from alternative provision settings.

Fee paying schools can opt to join a cluster group with state-funded schools and still benefit from many elements of the programme. However, any fee-paying schools that want to organise a visit overseas would need to self-fund their trip.

Will priority be given to any schools?

Providing you put together a strong application, all schools who apply have an equal chance of receiving grant funding.

In a case where there are more applications than available grants, priority will be given to schools working in clusters groups or schools where most pupils have special educational needs and/or disabilities.

Can I apply more than once?

Schools working in one-to-one partnerships are not eligible to re-apply for funding if they have already received a Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning grant. The exception being that, if a school working in a one-to-one partnership goes on to join a cluster group, they may apply for funding as part of their new cluster group.

Re-applications from cluster groups will be considered providing:

  • a satisfactory final report was submitted following a previous round of funding
  • the new application for funding is composed of mostly new schools to the cluster.

It is worth noting that schools involved in cluster groups can go on to form entirely new cluster groups or one-to-one partnerships and would therefore be eligible to re-apply for funding.

If you are unsure about re-applying for funding, it is best to contact us at schools@britishcouncil.org to check.


Any application for funding must be supported and signed-off by the school's headteacher.