Young teenage girls working in a classroom in Pakistan wearing burgundy uniforms. The girl in the foreground is raising her hand to the air to ask a question.

Before you start a school partnership, it's worth taking time to be clear about what you are looking for and why, so that you can make the most of your Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning experience.

Things to consider

  1. Your objectives: What do you want to get out of a school partnership? What benefits are you seeking for pupils and staff?
  2. The type of partner school that would suit your needs: Are you looking for a partner in a specific country or with a particular focus?  
  3. What you can offer a partner school: This could include cultural factors, curriculum strengths, ICT facilities, extra-curricular activities etc.
  4. Location and demographic: Would like to work with a partner school with a similar demographic or in a comparable local area?
  5. Activities: What kind of joint activities would you like to work on together? 
  6. Resources: What are the resources you and your partner might need or like to use to communicate? Think about virtual communication in particular, including your ICT set-up for Skype, Zoom etc. Download our guide below.

Getting your senior leadership team on board

It's really important to be clear about your plans before sharing them with senior members of staff. Be prepared to talk to your leadership team about how a partnership will benefit pupils, staff and the wider school. They will also want to know which members of staff will need to be involved and how.