A one to one partnership is a partnership between one school in the UK and one school based outside of the UK (see our list of participating countries).

We recognise that it is not always possible or desirable for schools to work as part of a cluster group. A one to one partnership can be just as fruitful as being part of a cluster and we have a team of local advisors who are on hand to give support whenever you may need it.

How to find a partner

The quickest way to get talking and make a link with a school in another country is to use our Partner Finder tool. The tool allows you to take a look at their curriculum interests and priorities, enabling you to make a quick and informed decision about the best match for your school.

Once the partnership has had time to get under way, a school in a one to one partnership is eligible to apply for grant funding to facilitate a face to face visit.

Up to £3,000 (£1,500 per school) is available to cover costs such as travel, accommodation, subsistence, visas, vaccinations and insurance.

Managing the partnership

While all participating teachers within a partnership are expected to contribute to its success, there are two key roles that need to be fulfilled:

  • UK partnership coordinator
  • Overseas partnership coordinator 

The partnership coordinators will take responsibility for liasing with each other, local advisors, and with the British Council if necessary.  

If you choose to apply for grant funding then the UK partnership coordinator will also be responsible for:

  • submission of the application
  • financial management and expenditure of the grant
  • coordination of reciprocal visits
  • submission of an interim and a final report.

The Overseas partnership coordinator will be expected to lead on the overseas school contribution to the application and reporting.