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For schools in the UK, the best way to find a partner is to contact the Connecting Classrooms team who will be able to match you with school partners that are interested in similar project themes.

You can also use our Partner Finder tool to search for other schools in the UK and participating countries overseas that may be interested in collaborating. Please be aware that during this time many of the schools listed will be closed, so will not be contactable through the usual communications channels.

About the Partner Finder tool

You can use our free Partner Finder tool to:

  • find a school overseas to partner and work with
  • look for other UK schools to join you in a Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning cluster.


The Partner Finder tool can be used to form partnerships with schools anywhere in the world. However, if you want to be eligible for a Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning grant you'll need to form a partnership with a school(s) from our participating countries.

How to register

It's quick and easy to register as a user. You just need to provide your name and contact details for your school. Once your registration is processed, you'll be able to:

  • add your school to the Partner Finder database
  • search for partners
  • make partnership requests
  • exchange initial messages with potential partners.

Access the tool

To connect with schools in the UK and overseas, access the Partner Finder tool here.

Help and support

We will be continually improving the tool over the next few months, so you may notice some changes over time time.

If you need further support, our user guide below will take you through each step. As our first users of the tool, you can also contact us at schools@britishcouncil.org if you have any feedback or experience any problems.