Inequality is a persistent cause for concern across the world, both within and among countries. This set of activities will help you explore this important issue, with a focus on racial and ethnic inequality.

The activities in this lesson will help you to explore inequality with your pupils, with a focus on racial and ethnic inequality. Pupils will discover what inequality means and how it manifests in different contexts, as well as looking at some of the reasons behind inequality in our world. They will learn about tackling inequality and the United Nations Global Goal 10, Reduced Inequalities.

This resource was written in collaboration with Alia Alzougbi and Manju Patel-Nair from Global Learning London and Rob Unwin from Development Education Centre South Yorkshire

Working with a partner school

If you have a partner school, you can exchange your work on this topic. Try exchanging your ‘Why? Why? Why?’ puzzles from Tasks 5 and 6. 

Discuss anything new that you learned. What did you already know? What surprised you most?