The previous activity ‘Why? Why? Why?’ references the killing of George Floyd to help pupils work backwards, all the way back to 60,000 years ago.

Tell pupils that they will now do an activity that asks them to explore other current events  and how they are rooted in sequences of historical events. 

Put pupils in groups and ask them to create their own 'Why, Why, Why?' activity.

They can use one of the examples given or choose their own. Once they have written a statement, check that it answers the question ‘Why?’ of the previous statement. 

  1. Why did the Windrush Scandal happen? (Use these resources to find out more about the Windrush Scandal, how it affected the Windrush Generation, and the crucial role of historical ties between the Caribbean and the UK). 
  2. Why are Black British people, and people descended from other countries, regarded as less British? (We recommend viewing Benjamin Zephaniah’s poem The British as a stimulus for this activity.)
  3. Why do beauty ’ideals’ pressure women and girls to conform to a fair-skinned, youthful, thin, toned, able-bodied ideal?
  4. Why is English a lingua franca?
  5. Why are some countries richer than others?