Time per task: 20 minutes

One of the five ways to well-being is ‘Keep Learning’. But what does this mean?

The New Economics Foundation says: 

Try something new. Rediscover an old interest. Sign up for that course. Take on a different responsibility at work. Fix a bike. Learn to play an instrument or how to cook your favourite food. Set a challenge you will enjoy achieving. Learning new things will make you more confident as well as being fun.

This activity explores different interests and ways to enjoy learning, and the idea that we keep learning throughout our lives.

Flower template
Blobtree reflection ©

Blobtree diagram © Pip Wilson and Ian Long www.blobtree.com

Task 1: Learning lists

Ask the children to make some learning lists:  

  • Make a class list of some of the things you learned before you came to school
  • Make a class list of some of the things you have learned in the last six months
  • Make a list of five things you think you will learn in the next six months
  • Make a list of five things you would like to learn in the next six months.

Task 2: Flower template

Show the children the flower template. Ask them what a flower template has to do with our learning goals.

Draw out that plants grow from tiny seeds, so we can imagine that our learning goals are seeds that we can plant now and watch them grow into the future.

Invite the children to think carefully about their own learning goals and draw or write these on the petals of their flower. In the centre of the flower they can draw a picture of themselves when they have achieved one of their learning goals.

Alternatively, children could use a rainbow with the learning goals at the end of the rainbow or write them on stepping stones across a river or show them on a pathway over a hill or through a woodland.

Task 3: The Greatest Learning...

Imagine being transported to a place where you could learn something you’ve always wanted to learn - but it would only take one day.

It can be anything at all, even something that would normally take many years to learn. What would this be? 

When you share what it is you would like to learn, give an explanation and reasons why. Another fun way of doing this is to get pupils to write answers on a piece of paper and see if others can guess what they chose.

Imagine if… what would it be?

This activity is great for exploring different perspectives and interests in the class.

Imagine if you could learn any instrument, what would it be?

Imagine if you could learn any sport, what would it be?

Imagine if you could learn to drive any vehicle, what would it be?

Imagine if you could learn to cook any meal, what would it be?

Imagine if you could learn to play any game, what would it be?

Imagine if you could learn to grow any vegetable or fruit, what would it be?

Imagine if you couldn’t learn (add an activity in here such as ride a bike, swim, read, draw) then what would happen?

The Greatest Learning of all…

In one word, what is the greatest thing that everyone can learn in your class; in your family; in your country; in the whole world?

Blobtree reflection

Use the Blobtree image above to reflect.

Does learning take you out of your comfort zone? When do you like being in your comfort zone with learning? When do you like leaving your comfort zone with your learning?

Differentiation (SEND)

If your pupils struggle with abstract concepts or visualisation, provide pictures to represent different things they might like to learn as a way to scaffold their thinking and include their contributions.

Partner School Linking Activities

Share your tasks with your partner school.  Are the children interested in learning the same things?  What can you learn about each other from sharing your learning goals?  

Look at your learning lists.  Can your partner class teach your class something that they want to learn?  Pledge to share some of the things you have learned with your partner school in four weeks’ time.  

Design a class poster to share your response to Task 3 with your partner school. Display your poster and theirs on the wall of your classroom. Is there anything on their list you would like to add to your list?