What can we do to slow down the spread of a pandemic like Covid-19? 

Learning outcomes 

In this session you will: 

  • Develop your understanding of the main reasons for handwashing, social distancing and lockdown
  • Learn which services are essential to keep society safe and healthy
  • Consider the particular challenges faced by health workers in pandemics or outbreaks
  • Have an awareness of the level of the PPE that health workers and other key workers need. 

By completing the activities you will: 

  • Develop your digital literacy skills by carrying out searches on the internet
  • Use critical thinking strategies to prioritise, organise, compare, and make informed judgements about ways of reducing the spread of Covid-19
  • Further develop your skills of citizenship by forming balanced opinions about the possible ways of preventing the spread of a disease. 

No vaccine! What other options are there? 

While waiting for a vaccine to be developed, there are several things that we can do to slow the spread of a disease like Covid-19.

For example: promote handwashing, introduce physical-distancing measures; impose a period of lockdown; and protect health workers and key workers with personal protective equipment (PPE).