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Some particulate matter occurs naturally in the atmosphere from sources such as volcanoes and dust storms, but some is a result of human activity which we have the power to lessen.

Think about the following questions: 

  • Who is responsible for air pollution? Is it governments, industry or people?  
  • Who is responsible for improving the levels of air pollution? Is it governments, industry, or people? 
  • Is the responsibility shared equally? Should it be? 

List three things people in your community, or even society at large, could ‘do less’, ‘do differently or ‘do better’ to help reduce air pollution. 

Write to local politicians, community leaders or world leaders to voice your views on the issue of air quality. The content of your letters should be rooted in your investigations and research.  

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You can learn more about this subject in our new classroom resource, which is coming soon, and at This is My Street.