Write down on a large sheet of paper all the things that you already know about climate change and things you would like to find out.

Then watch the short film clip from David Attenborough’s programme Climate Change: The Facts. Can you now add some new information to your paper in a different colour to show your new learning? 

One impact of climate change that is already affecting communities around the world is a rise in sea levels. 

Watch the short film made by The Royal Society as part of Commonwealth Science Class, which shows the impact of rising sea levels on the low-lying islands of Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean.  

Write down the answers to the following questions: 

  • What does Mr. Anote Tong say is happening on the island of Kiribati and other low-lying islands due to a rise in sea levels?  
  • Why is it important for young people to get involved? 
  • What actions are they taking on the island to try and prevent erosion from rising sea levels?