Create a global story

Look at the images below and write down what you think is happening in each picture and why.

If you were going to make a connection between the images, what might it be?

How might they be linked to the Global Goals?


Neil Palmer. CIAT


Hurricane Irma - Russell Watkins, DFID

Create an image of an ideal future

Images can be powerful tools for exploring how we see the world and how the world might be different. Think about what you would like your world to be like in ten years’ time.

Look at one pupil’s drawing at the end of this section - the file titled 'Ideal future image' - and create your own image of a ‘perfect world.’ You might draw or paint pictures of your local environment (your village, town or school), of your country, or a collage from magazine pictures of a global scene.

What would there be in the world that there is not now? Think about what you want to change in the world over the next few years.

Send photographs of your pictures of perfect worlds using the hashtag #ConnectingClassrooms  and we’ll retweet the best ones.