Think about which of the things in your artwork are most important and most realistic, and how each might be achieved. 

Consider … 

Who has the most power to change things? 

What things could you do to make a change?  

Responses to global problems are often that they are ‘too big’ and ‘too far away.’ However meaningful change is possible.

Read about one campaign by a young person called Kehkashan Basu that has led to wide-scale changes.  

Case study: Kehkashan Basu

Kehkashan Basu was born in the United Arab Emirates. She started acting on her passion for the environment when she was eight years old, by planting trees and bringing local young people together to collect and recycle waste. She lobbied her local government to make a change. 

Her actions caught the attention of those around her, and when she was 11, she was invited to address the TUNZA Children and Youth Conference in Indonesia.  

The following year, she became the youngest person to talk to a press conference at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), speaking about the contribution children can make to a sustainable future.

At 12, Kehkashan founded her own organisation, Green Hope, to work for a sustainable future and climate justice. Green Hope runs activities for children and young people, including waste recycling, beach and mangrove clean-ups, tree planting and awareness campaigns.

It has grown into an international organisation and its environmental academies and conferences have reached thousands of school and university pupils.

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Take action

Can you find out about other young change makers from your community or country? What did they do? 

Look at the taking action cards at the end of the section. Put them in order to show which you think would be most effective when creating change. 

Look at the 'What action can you take?' worksheet. Choose one of the statements and answer the question in the box next to it. 

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