Malala Yousafzai began her fight for girls’ education at just 11 years old by writing a blog for the BBC about what life was like for girls like her under Taliban rule in Pakistan.

Find out more about Malala's campaign to promote girls’ education and ensure every girl can learn and lead from the Malala Fund website and this short clip.

Can you identify an issue related to gender inequality which you think is important? Think about the different channels you could go through to raise awareness of this issue.

Read through the list of actions outlined in the nine cards at the end of the section. Arrange them in a diamond pattern so that the single actions at the top are the most preferred and those at the bottom of the diamond are the least preferred, respectively. You could also add your own ideas to those on the cards. 

Across the world young people are making their voices heard and championing change. What could you do? 

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