Life Below Water 2

Make a list of everything you’ve used today that is either made of plastic or comes in plastic packaging such as drink bottles, sandwich wrappers, pen cases, computer cases, etc. Use a colour to highlight items on your list which are single-use plastics, which are those that are thrown away after being used only once. Was there anything that surprised you?

When plastic reaches the seas and oceans it causes many problems. Find out about these by watching a short film and reading the information on the fact sheet. The film shows a surfer and free diver discovering the extent of plastic pollution in the oceans that they love. Watch the video.

When you read through the fact sheet, make a glossary of key vocabulary. Write down the meaning of the words that are highlighted and any others you are unsure of, by checking with an adult or a dictionary.

Write down three pieces of information that stood out the most for you from these sources and three questions you would like to find the answers to. Put these on a large sheet of paper.