A food web shows the many different ways that plants and animals are connected in an ecosystem. Make a marine food web using this activity from the Hubbub Foundation UK. 

You will need a set of Sea Life cards, which can be found at the end of the resource, scissors, BluTak and pens. 

Draw a picture of the sun and cut out the sea life cards. Rearrange the cards to make different food webs. When you do this, think about what living things make their food from sunlight, what living things feed off plankton or seaweed and then what feeds off them? 

Everything depends on everything else within the food web. Think about what happens to the waste from plants and animals? 

Use pens to make arrows showing connections between the different organisms. 

How might plastic in the ocean affect this web? Show how micro-plastics could be transferred by drawing them inside the marine animals.