In these challenging times, when you are not in your usual routine of going to school think about why education is important and what going to school means to you. Jot down some thoughts about the following questions: 

  • why is education important? 
  • what are your favourite memories of primary and secondary school?  
  • what do you miss most when you are not at school?
  • what is the best learning you have been part of? Did it take place in school?
  • what would it be like to never have access to schooling? 

Use your notes to create a piece of text which sums up your ideas. This can be a word cloud, blog post, or if you are feeling creative - a poem or song. 

A teacher in the United States asked his students to suggest a non-medical artefact for a museum 100 years from now, to sum up this period when schools around the world closed. What would you choose?

Find out why, even in ordinary times, one in every eleven children cannot go to school.

Watch the short UNICEF film named You Know Me

While you are watching write down some of the reasons it gives why 15 million children are not in school in the Middle East and North Africa. Choose two of these reasons and think what might help to improve the situation. Who would need to be involved?