In times of conflict and separation when people are forced to leave their homes, even the most ordinary objects can become precious. 

The installation Memoire(s) des Femmes from the British Council art exhibition called Syria: Third Space exhibition included recordings from Syrian people who were forced to leave their homes, alongside photographs of some of the ordinary objects that hold special memories for them about their homeland. 

They included the following photographs and descriptions:

 A heart shaped keyring

‘This keyring, shaped like half a heart, was given to me by a friend. One day we were walking and then sat at a restaurant. We had an argument but then we made up, so we decided to buy something together. We bought this keyring. I took one half of the heart, and she took the other.'

My keys

‘I still keep the keys to my house, because I know some day, I’ll come back to visit.’

Think about an object that is precious to you. Where did the object come from, why is it special and how would you feel if the object was lost or destroyed? 

Write a description of the story of your chosen object that really creates a picture in words and explains its importance to you.