Anya Gallaccio, Preserve Beauty (New York), 1991/2003, 247 x 130.8 x 0.6cm, 500 red Gerbera, glass and fittings. Courtesy of the artist and Thomas Dane Gallery, London.

Look again at Anya Gallaccio’s artwork made from flowers.

On your daily walk or exercise, see if you can collect some natural things such as leaves, petals, sticks or stones. When you get home try creating a natural sculpture of a pattern or picture using the things you have collected. 

Take a photograph of your artwork when it is finished, then leave it somewhere for a period of time and record its decay. You could draw what happens or take photographs.

If you have access to time-lapse photography software, use it to show the process speeded up.


Draw an illustrated map that sums up your world at the moment in words and pictures.

Include places and people, phrases and objects that are important to you. You could try starting in one corner like Grayson Perry and link one idea to another as you draw.

Grayson Perry, Map of Nowhere, 2008. © Grayson Perry; courtesy of the artist & Victoria Miro, London.