“Quodlibet” is a Latin word that means 'whatever pleases you'. Lucy McKenzie plays with this idea by creating works of art which look real. She uses a technique called tromp l’oeil, which means 'trick of the eye.

McKenzie began Quodlibet XXXV by arranging everyday personal items on a table. They include sports clothes, trainers, posters, a scarf and several leaflets. She then painted the objects at life-size, using oil paints on canvas so the objects almost look real enough to touch.

Historically, painters have used tromp l’oeil to impress their audiences with their skills, making realistic paintings of expensive objects and exotic fruit. In McKenzie’s painting she chose to paint her own ordinary clothes, reversing this tradition.

Suki Dhanda is a British Asian female photographer who specialises in portraits of people in their environments. She uses emotion, realism and identity as key elements of her work.

She has produced a number of social documentary photo stories based around issues of gender and culture within Asian communities living in Britain and the USA.

In 2017, artist Lubaina Himid became the first black British female artist to win the Turner Prize – one of the most important prizes for artists in the UK. Her work often features black people – both famous faces and portraits of anonymous figures.

Dream Team is part of a series of paintings called Lost Election Posters that emphasise the importance of voting and making one’s voice heard in politics.

She designed these paintings as if they are part of an election campaign. The artist dreams of a world where there will be more black women in important and influential political and business positions, which is why her Dream Team election poster features two women.

Lucy McKenzie, Quodlibet XXXV, 2014, 250 x 300 cm, Oil on canvas. Courtesy of the artist and Cabinet, London.
Suki Dhanda, Untitled, 2002, 125 x 125 cm, C-type print mounted on aluminium. Courtesy of the artist.
Lubaina Himid, Dream Team, 2014, 48 x 67, cm Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of the artist and Hollybush Gardens.